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The Mantra Poster Project was an attempt to create project that could continue on for an extended period of time and force me to consistently produce new designs on a regular basis, and, if possible, affect as many lives as possible. As the best designs come from dealing within thoughtful restrictions, I chose to control the project in numerous ways. A weekly entry, only hand drawn typography, and most importantly, the content had to come from other people.


The project revolves around the concept of motivation, and what people consider to be the most transformative words or phrases of their life. Every week, I would seek out a mentor, teacher, or coach, and ask them about their personal mantras (hence the name). What words changed their life? What did they chant to themselves when it looked like things couldn’t get worse? What kept them moving forward, when all else told them to give up? More importantly, what did they tell to others to keep them from floundering? Along with creating a poster around these words, I documented their story on why they chose those words, and asked them to lead me on to a/the person who had changed their life the most. Hopefully, the project would continue onward for years. Unfortunately, Life has kept me from truly pursuing this as it deserves. Hopefully, I can return to it some day in the future.

Also shown here are various other posters from a variety of other projects, both paid and personal.

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