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Jabberwocky started with a simple idea, to create a typeface that could operate as a display typeface or as body copy. It had to be interesting enough to operate as a display, but maintain complete legibility at smaller sizes, and across a vast array of color palettes. I wanted to create something that was playful and didn’t follow conventions. This eventually led the typeface to having half serifs, random ball terminals, variation in stroke widths, and a tendency to break the baseline and x-height. These inconsistencies had to be carefully executed and painstakingly developed to create the consistency necessary to be appropriately deemed a typeface, and not just a collection of disparate letterforms.

This has currently been built as a working font, and can be used on Macs and PCs. The eventual hope is to develop Jabberwocky into a full font palette with 4 weights with italics, and to make it commercially available.

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