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The folks at Nike decided to turn a run-of-the-mill LA mansion into a disruptive and immersive experience for a select group of Crossfit athletes at the 2016 Crossfit Games (a Reebok event). They came to us to make it all happen, and in less than 3 weeks.

Our team made the Metcon shoe the star of the show, integrating the product into multiple consumer experiences throughout the house. Over 500 posts from the House of Metcon, resulting in over 25k likes and shares across Instagram and Twitter attest to the success of the event.



Creative concepting and mechanicals building through every engagement of the event. I had an especially heavy hand in the custom 244-shoe chandelier, the Metcon Knows wall, and the Train For It hallway execution. The true difficulty in this project lay in the quick turn time. Creative concepting happened in less than 10 days, so that we had time to produce, ship, and install.

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