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Daimler Trucks TT/S is the Software and Engineering hub for all of Daimler Trucks’ brands worldwide. Under the TT/S umbrella are Fuso (Japan), Mercedes (Europe), Freightliner (North America) and more. These groups all worked independently and separately, often competing with each other, rather than being collaborative. We needed to bring harmony and cohesion to Daimler TT/S departments from Japan, the United States, Germany, Turkey, and India. And build a healthy, unified company culture that elevates the company and its teams and helps them produce the best software and electronic features on the market.

To do this, we developed the TT/S brand and brand strategy. We eschewed the geeky engineering stereotypes and highlighted how their innovations are changing the world by building the logo and visual identity for TT/S that integrated images of their products with binary coding. This created a distinct and innovative look for the brand that stayed true to the roots of the company. This branding was distilled into a poster meant to communicate the brand and it's ethos to all parties. It created a straightforward roadmap for all the disparate groups to follow.

Next, we used the brand to develop an asset library that eventually found its way into all internal marketing, including a suite of new swag to allow the various groups to feel like they are a part of a team.

With that foundation in place, we launched a year-long communications campaign to Inform, Inspire, and Celebrate. This initiative began by creating a monthly newsletter that would be relevant across borders and resonate with the employees of the organization. We focused content on leadership updates, industry news, employee celebration, culture spotlights from each region, and deep dives on key topics such as TT/S guiding principles.

We also built some amazing videos for internal training purposes, though I was only in a support role for those endeavors.

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