2018 NIKE N7

The N7 campaign is a yearly endeavor of Nike's to showcase and uplift Native American and First Nations athletes. The campaign always features distinctly Native American motifs and aesthetics. For the 2018 shoe release and product run, the retailer Hibbett wanted to create a splash by sending spiff packages to some of the internets most prominent sneaker heads, many of whom were Native Americans or First Nations peoples. They came to us to design and produce a box which would carry the products to the influencers in style. A distinctly N7 style. Because of how tight the budget was, we had to restrict ourselves to common materials and printing techniques. Nonetheless, a stunning set of packaging was created to showcase the product and make a tasteful nod to the heritage of the peoples of the First Nations.

To see videos of some Influencers opening the kit, click HERE or HERE.


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