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The Royal Pawns is a tabletop game design company started by my own daughters, Olivia and Amelia. At 5 and 7 years old, they started to create some games with scraps of fabric and extra meeples. As is normal for kids at that age, they wanted us to play their newly invented games. What was not normal was how good the games were. We were blown away by how fun the games were. They were engaging, strategic, and caused uproarious laughter every time we played. It didn't take long before we decided that we needed to actually produce these games. We currently have our first game, Staring Thumbs, in it's initial production run. Movements, our strategic board game, is in beta testing. And Triker's Race is in initial development.

From a design standpoint, this project has been a crazy ride. Starting with branding and web design for the parent company, it quickly progressed to all the executions needed for the actual games, including logos, card designs, game board design, photography and video shoots, social media campaigns, Kickstarters, animation, and video production. All the while, the kids have had final say on all creative direction.

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